Traffic Management

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We are a well experienced and a team of highly professional trainers at our training center who will provide you excellent training in regards to different training programs like dogging, a course for becoming a health and safety representative and a training program in skid steer ticket.

Traffic management comes under the umbrella of high risk jobs. That is why, our training center has made sure to get itself registered with the national standard for licensing of high risk jobs in Australia.

We offer two types of courses for traffic management

1 day course for experts

2 day course for others

Work zone traffic management course for two days

This course is specifically designed for individuals who have almost little to no experience when it comes to traffic management requirement in Australia. The main objectives of this training program is to give the participants a deep insight into the basic skills and knowledge required for the traffic management. This will make them to install the signs effectively, sustain safety for the workers. In addition to that, the training program for work zone traffic management will also enable the individual to maintain a smooth flow of traffic in the southern parts of Australia, which is the most important objective of this whole training program. Visit for crane operator training.

This intermediate level training program has a duration of two days and is highly suitable for those individuals who want to have basic set of skills and knowledge related to the subject and have no prior experience in the field.

After the successful implementation of the program rules and ideology, statement of attainment will be provided to the individual and the department responsible for the infrastructure and general development will be issuing the statement card.

Work zone traffic management training program for one day – for experts

If you have a profound knowledge for the traffic management already, you can jump in for the advanced training course which will be giving you exact information abut the skills and knowledge you need for the traffic management at an expert and effective manner.

You can apply for this course if you are experienced in the field and also have expired tickets no longer than a year. Individuals who will be attending the intense work zone traffic management expert training program for one day will have to complete a training form record or an operational experience before and during the registration process.

 After the experienced people in the traffic management training program, the individuals will be provided with a statement of attainment. The department responsible for planning, infrastructure and transport will be issuing a plastic card for the work zone traffic management program to the successful individual who has completed the course.

The duration of this expert level course is one day.